Sa Dec Flower Village – Top Thing to See in Se Dec, An Giang

Dong Thap is a land famous for its valuable historical and cultural relics and unique culinary arts… and especially Sa Dec ornamental flower village – the flower capital of the West. Sa Dec Flower Village (Dong Thap Province) was originally Tan Quy Dong Flower Village, a traditional craft village more than 100 years old. Located on the banks of the Tien River all year round, windy, fertile alluvial, full of sunshine, and is known as the land of ornamental flowers. Traveling to Dong Thap, coming to Sa Dec flower village, you will admire the spectacular scene with thousands of flowers blooming, radiating fragrance.

Có thể là hình ảnh về cúc bách nhật và chạng vạng

1. Better to Know as a Tourist

Ticket: Admission to Sa Dec Flower Village is free. However, you can travel to visit tourist attractions here by tram. The average ticket price is from 20,000 VND to 100,000 VND/person

Spend-time: a half day (approx)

Hours: Dawn – dusk

Food: Yes, local food

Shop: Yes

Parking lot: Yes, for coach

Address: Tan Quy Dong commune, Sa Dec city, Dong Thap Province.

Added values: Sa Dec flower village (Sa Dec, Dong Thap) has long been one of the great flower baskets of the South, and for many years, Sa Dec flower village has also been a famous tourist destination in this land. Coming to the flower village, you will be immersed in the world of flowers, which can help you melt away the pressures and chaos of life.

Nearby attractions and hidden gems: Looking for places to stop on your way to and from Sa Dec flower village? Or maybe you found it too crowded here? We’ve got some ideas! Check out our list: Huynh Thuy Le Ancient House (5km), Dong Thap Museum (30km), Xeo Quyt Forest – Xeo Quyt Relic Area (16km), Tram Chim National Park (Birding tour) (66km), Thap Muoi Lotus Field in Dong Thap (64km)…

2. Travel Guide to Sa Dec Flower Village

Không có mô tả ảnh.The history of Sa Dec flower village was established in the early 20th century, at that time in the Tan Quy Dong area, only a few households grew flowers to decorate Tet. Seeing flowers in harmony with the land bloom beautifully, gradually the number of flower-growing households has increased and business purposes are determined. Later, it spread to areas such as the Sa Nhien canal, An Hoa Ward, Tan Khanh Dong commune, and Ward 3 of Sa Dec city. Up to now, the total flower growing area is more than 500 hectares, with over 2,300 households, and 2,000 different species of ornamental flowers, becoming one of the largest ornamental flower baskets in the Mekong Delta and the South.Có thể là hình ảnh về cúc bách nhật

Sa Dec flower garden grows many beautiful flowers such as raspberry chrysanthemum, tiger chrysanthemum, gerbera daisy, evening primrose, auspicious, marigold, ten o’clock flower, coconut flower, great rich, purple afternoon, pink willow, firecracker corpse … There are about 50 varieties of roses for export.

With many years of experience and scientific and technical progress, Sa Dec ornamental flowers are now not only present in the Mekong Delta provinces but also exported to other countries in the region such as Laos, Cambodia, and Thailand. Lan, China… Therefore, this place has become a familiar place for connoisseurs of ornamental flowers.

3. What to Do – See – Eat at Sa Dec Flower VillageKhông có mô tả ảnh.

The most noticeable difference between Sa Dec flower village compared to other flower villages is that the flower beds are planted on high trellises, the bottom is flooded and flower growers have to wear boots or use small boats to care for or pick flowers. According to flower growers here, this helps save costs because most of the land for growing flowers is renovated rice fields, easily flooded due to low terrain.

This place also attracts tourists with Sa Dec flower village cafes with wide-open spaces, decorated very eye-catching with dinghies, buggies, monkey bridges, thatched huts … filled with lovely flowers.

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At the beginning of the street is the Flower Village Assembly Hall, with a consulting counter, explaining about Sa Dec Flower Village, introducing specialty products, souvenirs…

The brilliant Sa Dec flower village welcomes springCurrently, some households have designed their flower gardens into interesting Homestay attractions such as Frog House, Rose, and Phong Le Vent…, where visitors can learn more about Sa Dec Flower Village and stay. Spend the night experiencing life with the owner. Listen to the artisans introduce the stages of planting as well as taking care of different flowers. Looking at the way farmers take care of each flower cluster with their own hands, you can understand how much hardship they have gone through to give birth to such brilliant flowers; Or go to the market with the owner, and cook delicious rustic dishes.

4. Visit  Sa Dec Flower Village by yourself

Sa Dec Flower Village, Dong Thap - APEC Community TourismSolo traveller? Traveling on your own means you will get out of any difficult situations by yourself. This, in turn, leads to more satisfying travel experiences and helps you improve your problem-solving skills. These days we rarely get the chance to sit with ourselves and simply be. That’s why you should consider the time you spend alone on your trip as a gift.

The brilliant Sa Dec flower village welcomes springIt is possible for solo travellers to use Google Maps and do it alone. But sometimes they need to update locally maintained roads and bridges which close and lead you to a longer road than the road from Google Maps. It is just about the time. It takes more time to find the correct garden to come. Adventure is always fun. Wifi is strong in Dong Thap village! The locals find it hard to speak English as well. Top tip: Sticking to one canal and keeping going along it gives you more things to see and avoids getting lost. Contact to hire a car, or scooter with English-speaking-guide or cycling tours in Dong Thap.

5. Responsible Travel and Advice to Visit Sa Dec Flower Village

Don’t get us wrong. But we assure you that you totally agree with us. “Do not give candy and things to the children when you plan to visit any local villages”, the kids will leave the school and follow the sweets and later they find some things to give you or sell to you. The garden is a little forest, don’t pick and touch the flowers or fruits without the local’s smiles. We deal with traveling green and leaving green behind, not plastic. Top tip: is one of the companies that care a lot about responsible travel and local respect.

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