Ru Cha Mangrove Forest: A sleeping beauty of Hue

Hue – a lively example of Vietnam’s history with the mausoleums, architectural works, landmarks, and bold colours of the ancient royal court. However, visitors can see a different Hue when visiting the Ru Cha mangrove forest – a pristine Hue with nature, clouds, and mountains, a beauty that is somewhat more vivid, but without losing its inherent dreamy features.

Ru Cha is a rare and precious primary mangrove forest in Tam Giang Lagoon, located in Thuan Hoa village, Huong Phong commune of Hue City. The name is originally from the tree type that grows in the place: a forest (RÚ) planted with trees named CHÁ; the tree has a favourable water environment here, it thrives, turning it into a forest, and only allows some species to live. Since then, the name RÚ CHÁ was born.

To get to Ru Cha, visitors should depart from the centre of Hue City, following National Road 49 in the direction of Thuan An Beach, about 9 km. There should be a sign directing vehicles to go straight to Thuan An beach, then turn left and cross Tam Giang Bridge, Ru Cha is about 4km to reach. Ru Cha mangrove forest is extremely easy to access. Visitors can rent a car or travel by their own vehicle. Ideally, go to Ru Cha forest early in the morning and participate in activities, then rest, and enjoy delicious seafood dishes around.

Quyến rũ rừng Rú Chá vào thu, điểm 'sống ảo' không thể bỏ qua khi đến Huế

Ru Cha is a “one of a kind” mangrove forest that exists in the Tam Giang lagoon system and each season, the mangrove forest has its own colour, sometimes it is green, sometimes it is dyed yellow to signal autumn, sometimes it’s covered in white when the leaves fall.

Ru Cha Forest in Autumn is one of the most romantic destinations in Hue. Visitors who wish to admire the wild beauty and captivating golden autumn landscape, visit Ru Cha from the end of September through October. During this time, the Ru Cha mangrove forest is covered with a brilliant array of yellow leaves, serving to create a peaceful scene for visitors to enjoy. Fall foliage in the Ru Cha mangrove forest turns the place into a brilliant picture of autumn.

Activities for the visitors in Ru Cha forest

Trekking through the forest

Summer is a perfect time for a leisurely walk through the forest. Family and friends can also cycle along the path through the mangroves. Under the golden sunshine of summer, the whole place is much the opposite in winter. Slender Cha trees with large, long roots, embrace the smooth paved road. The grey-white colour of the trees interlaced with rays of sunshine, and fresh air, gives visitors a feeling of relaxation and peace of mind.

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Free your soul on the boat

Going all the way through the forest, a Ru Cha with an immense river, and a large lake of fish, shrimp and aquaculture ponds appears. Riding on a small wooden boat is the most popular way to explore Ru Cha. Visitors can rent a boat and the boatman will take you to explore every nook and cranny. Venturing through clusters of towering mangroves, capturing gorgeous autumn scenery, with its soft colours and tranquil atmosphere. The boat lazily flows in the lake. A whole area turns quiet enough to hear the chirping of birds and sometimes fish darting under the water.

Ru Cha Forest is also a paradise for nature lovers since it is home to thousands of species of flora and fauna. The sound of birdsong, insects and aquatic animals plays a soothing symphony that encapsulates the vibrant life of the forest.

Rừng Ngập Mặn Rú Chá, Thừa Thiên Huế

Enjoy a gorgeous view  from the observatory

In recent years, Ru Cha has caught the attention of many photographers and growing numbers of visitors show up to enjoy the mesmerising colours of the forest. The roads leading to here have been upgraded and a small observation deck has been built to give visitors a panoramic view of Ru Cha from above.

From dusk til’ dawn, Ru Cha unfolds like a golden carpet with the hues of the golden leaves changing as the sun gradually rises and sets.

Về rừng ngập mặn Rú Chá rảo bước giữa lá phổi xanh trong lòng đất Huế

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