RESTOUR Joins The International Travel Trade And Travel Tour Expo The Philippines 2024

The PTAA Travel Tour Expo was established in 1993 mainly as an annual market for Philippine Travel Agencies Association (PTAA) members for discounted travel deals which have grown immensely thru the years.

During those early years, it was for the sole purpose that PTAA members could have a platform to offer discounted domestic and international travel deals along with other travel related products and merchandize, but now, it is considered as the country’s biggest and the most awaited annual travel and tourism event.

Visitors number had also grown throughout the years generating a big sales volume for all the exhibitors consisting of Travel Agencies & Tour Operators, Airlines, Hotels & Resorts, Food Concessionaires, Theme Parks, Entertainment, Associations, Embassies, National Tourism Organizations including our own Department of Tourism, Cruise Liners, Shipping, Travel Insurance Companies, Travel Essentials, Foreign-based Travel Agencies & Tour Operators, and other travel related entities. Sales of exhibitors have also grown proportionately. Promotions of this event have also elicited a lot of support from media and thru our sponsors.

With its range of participating travel suppliers and tourism brands, Travel Tour Expo the Philippines 2024 and International Travel Trade 2024 have over 200 participating exhibitors and 702 booths, with an expected attendance of 100,000 travel lovers. Airlines, domestic and foreign travel agencies and tour operators, hotels and resorts, cruise liners and shipping, merchandisers, and other exhibitors will set up booths. It will also act as a launchpad for new destinations, low-cost tours, transportation options, custom-made accommodations, and a variety of payment methods to cater to every traveler.

RESTOUR joins TTE & ITTE 2024

This year, RESTOUR is pleasure to come to TTE 2024 & ITTE 2024 in the Philippines for the first time to promote the image of Vietnam’s travel and also find potential partners to develop travel market together in the near future. RESTOUR consider this trip to the Philippines as an opportunity to promote Vietnam as a popular tourist destination to partners and buyers in the Philippines and many other countries. We also showcased our chosen travel offerings to partners, buyers, and visitors through high-quality catalogs, brochures, and posters.

RESTOUR’s Online Sale Manager, Ms. Minh Hoa has appreciated this trip because she had a chance to work and meaningful conservation with businesses and customers at TTE 2024. During these meetings, we gained great insights from industry specialists and shared local travel tips with our customers.

During the trip, we also met and spoke with numerous Vietnamese travel firms that attended the Travel Tour Expo the Philippines 2024, demonstrating that this is a very fertile and vital market for Vietnam tourism.

The TTE 2024 event is currently ongoing, and we hope that by its conclusion, we will have found prospective teammates and partners to collaborate on the future development of the tourism service business.

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