Huyen Khong Son Thuong, Hue: A Peaceful & Calm Pagoda


Huyen Khong Son Thuong pagoda lies on Cham hamlet, Huong Ho commune, Huong Tra district, Hue.

History Of Huyền Không Pagoda:

vietnam photos - huyen khong son thuong pagoda

This pagoda belonging to Theravada Buddhism was built in 1989. Thanks to the construction and restoration of monks and Buddhists, from dry and wild land, the place becomes heaven on Earth with thick and interminable mountains and forests, also the fresh air.

The pagoda is 300m above sea level. With the coverage of forests and the lake, the air is fresh and incredibly comfortable. In the total area of 10000m2, the pagoda includes interior and outside institutes. The outside is used to worship and hold daily activities, while the interior serves ultimately for meditation.

The Architecture Of The Pagoda:

vietnam photos - huyen khong son thuong pagoda

Entering the pagoda, tourists can see the differences between Huyen Khong pagoda and others. There is no three-gate entrance, but the typical gate as the garden house style of Hue. Going through the gate, tourists can see the fresh green garden with the charming natural landscape and a wooden bridge across the small stream filled with lily flowers like a path along with Thanh Tam institute. Due to the spacious atmosphere, Huyen Khong pagoda was divided into many areas featuring the Presbytery, “Nghinh Lương Đình” (a pavilion constructed on water), Am Mây Tía” (temple in the clouds), guest house, and other construction works.

Huyen Khong pagoda is built in reinforced concrete but bears the ancient architecture in harmony of Hue’s pagoda style. Primarily, there is a special place like a man-made landscape picture called “Thanh tam vien” outside the pagoda, which brings the feeling of peace and calmness.

Different from the presbytery of Thien Lam pagoda and others, the presbytery of Huyen Khong pagoda is a small wooden house with little color painting and slate tiles, but space is clean and tidy. The statue of Gautama Buddha, Sakyamuni buddha head shrine are worshipped in the middle. On the right side is Phong Truc temple served as working and tea-drinking place, also guest reception of the abbot.

Surrounding Phong Truc temple, there is a clear lake with a variety of flowers in woody trunks and grass stems, wild orchids, pot plants displayed in four seasons; next, words and poems are hung every year. Besides, Nghinh Lương Đình with the open space shows Chinese-Vietnamese calligraphy and is dotted with pictures, figurines and bonsai flowers.

Behind the row of monks and Buddhists’ houses, there is a pine-tree forest lying between Ham Nguyet Tri lake, and each pine tree is appended a bamboo-root made shelf. At night, oil lamps on each shelf will emit the sparkling, fanciful and charming light. Besides, Huyen Khong pagoda often holds calligraphy exhibitions during the time of Hue Festival. Also, Huyen Khong pagoda is like a centre of mountains-valleys opening Ta Thanh Long- a flat hill and Huu Bach Ho- an upland with huge primaeval forests. The southwestern of the pagoda owns a mount with old trees growing on rocks that is called “Độc thụ sơn” (means unique mount with ancient trees).

Additionally, the space of Huyen Khong pagoda has secondary and primary structures such as grass-stone garden – where Buddhist monks and nuns take exercises; Vọng Oa Đàm lake with the bridge tiled by wooden-imitated stones, and two different lakes named Thủy Nguyệt Đàm Lake and Sơn Ảnh Lake. Opposite to the pine-tree hill, there is a pavilion built on water called calligraphy house. This place is used to display different calligraphy and poems that are hung in different seasons.

The Beauty Of The Pagoda:

vietnam photos - huyen khong son thuong pagoda

Huyen Khong Son Thuong pagoda attracts tourists by the cool and fresh air and the magnificent nature. Seemingly, the life of bustling and hustling cities is left behind, and people are in the harmony of green trees and purity of the landscapes, walking in the path to the pagoda. Going sightseeing in the pagoda brings a wonderful feeling. Each place in Huyen Khong pagoda is meticulously decorated, which makes it become the heaven on Earth. Huyen Khong pagoda makes tourists impressed by its simple architecture but in harmony with nature as a landscape picture.

The space of this pagoda is remarkable with unique sculptured patterns. Notably, the campus of the pagoda shows many calligraphy works of the abbot Minh Đức Triều Tâm Ảnh. The art space is not towards flaunting frivolously because the construction materials are mainly wood and focus on simplicity and harmony with the surrounding natural environment. Here, you can feel the simple life of monks and the tranquil atmosphere and admire the beauty of the natural landscape.


To arrive at Huyen Khong Son Thuong pagoda in Hue trip, tourists go from Truong Tien bridge toward Thien Mu pagoda and the road along the Huong River, Van Thanh, Vo Thanh and across Xuoc Bridge. Then you have to go one more kilometre, turn right to Dong Cham hamlet. Here, tourists go through the village gate, about 200 meters you will see the sign. Next, you go three more kilometers; you will come to Huyen Khong pagoda. The road to Huyen Khong pagoda is bendy due to the hills and mountains.

Coming to Hue, if you want to escape from the noisy and hustling places, spend a morning to enjoy the peaceful landscape and fresh atmosphere in Huyen Khong Son Thuong pagoda to feel the slow pace of life!



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